Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cape Dutch Architecture

Apologies for the delay today - I've been having 'technical difficulties' with the internet until now. Today I thought I'd share a nice example of classic South African architecture. The style, called 'Cape Dutch' is a remnant of the Dutch settlers, or Boers. 

This manor house has been converted to a community centre and library. Not a bad place to job hunt!


  1. I like this style. There is a winery on the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley (where your father recently visited) that is built in this style. I will remember it later, but I am drawing a blank right now on which one it is.

  2. It looks very attractive. In a month we will spend a couple of days in the Netherlands, the inspiration for this architecture.

  3. I remembered that it is Chimney Rock Winery, and their website,, shows a photo of the building and identifies it as Cape Dutch architecture. I will be in St. Maarten in a few weeks, and perhaps there will be similar architecture there.