Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Affairs: Don't Quit!

I recently had the pleasure of spending an entire day in the Pretoria Department of Home Affairs' waiting room. As with most government offices, it entailed around six hours (no kidding) of languishing in a waiting room, followed by a 15 minute interview. Pretty excruciating. At hour four, I notice this poem posted on the waiting room wall. Funny for two reasons: my highschool water polo coach gave our entire team the exact same poem years ago for motivation during tough practices. But even more funny: clearly someone else felt the same way about waiting for hours to get their residency permit!

I feel your pain, man. I'm hoping for a permit, too.


  1. I hope you get your permit without further delays or frustrating experiences with bureaucracy.

    If you were a foreign national seeking a residency visa in the USA, you would face insurmountable odds in many places. When my son, who lives in Argentina, has friends or members of his fiance's family who want to visit the USA on vacation for a week or two, they have a long wait of months just to get an appointment at the US Embassy to see if they will get a tourist visa.

  2. It seems that the tip is to take a book! (And a camera...)