Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bean There coffee roasting

My dad asked about the ladder and buckets visible in yesterday's photo of my new favorite coffee shop. Turns out they're not an unfortunate decorative touch - the place uses an antique coffee roaster to roast their own coffee. Cool huh?

This guy was a good sport about me snapping photos while he went about his work.


  1. When we were in Tanzania, we saw coffee plants growing beside the road on our walk to the market, and we later toured a coffee plantation. Hopefully your coffee is local in origin and helps support the local economy. In Costa Rica, coffee is called the "golden bean" for its historically important role in providing income for family farms and foreign currency from exports.

  2. Ah, now it is all revealed. Nice, tight presentation in the first photo.

  3. It must smell wonderful in there when they are roasting the beans. Although I don't care for coffee and never drink it, I do love the smell.