Saturday, November 12, 2011

Melancholy lion, playful lion

The Lion Park near Lanseria has an enclosure where visitors can play with lion cubs. Here's a shot of one of the stars:

Looks a little melancholy, doesn't he? It's funny what removing color can do to the mood of a picture. In reality, this little guy was having an absolute ball. In fact, he and my fiance were fast friends and gave me a near heart attack while rough-housing:

True love means dragging an over-excited lion off your fiance as he's gnawing his leg... but no-one's perfect. I snapped a couple quick photos first:)


  1. These are all such cute pictures.

  2. I never knew you could get to close to lions. What a treat. That situation presented a dilemma. Fiance or photograph? Which comes first?

  3. Great shots!! Glad no one was hurt and that lion is so cute!! Hope you have a great weekend, Susie!


  4. Yes, Susie, I know he is cute, but, no, Susie, you can't have a lion.

    Oh. I don't get to decide this any more, do I?