Sunday, November 20, 2011

Groenkloof Biltong, Pretoria

Hi all, big apologies for the radio silence the past two days! Unfortunately the internet here has been playing up lately, making it tricky to upload pics. With things ticking a little faster this evening, I'm back in business!

A blog about South Africa wouldn't be complete without an intro to biltong! Though similar to jerky in that it's dried meat, biltong is in a league of its own. You can get it shredded, in sticks, seasoned, and made from beef, springbok, kudu... even ostrich. Truthfully it's not the most photogenic snack, but it's a safe bet that any decent South African get-together will feature a bowl of it. I thought this sign was a bit more attractive than a pic of shredded meat, but I'll try to get a better shot soon!

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  1. I think with Biltong you either love it or hate it, my husband and daughter love it, I think it's horrible..