Monday, October 31, 2011

Barbed wire and concrete

Security is an ever-present concern in South Africa, as it is in most places with wide income disparity. In practice, it means that most homes and businesses are protected by substantial fencing and private security companies. For example, here's a photo of the barbed wire surrounding the water tower I posted earlier this month:

Though I wouldn't argue with the necessity of these measures in many instances, it certainly does have a noticeable impact on the country's psyche and aesthetics. More to come on security in future posts, I'd imagine.


  1. Africa in general has changed so much since I grew up there Susie, we were in Zambia, Central Africa, it breaks my heart to see the way things are going, it was a wonderful place to be in those days.

  2. I saw a report on TV about the projected population growth of Africa during the remainder of this century. I fear this could make the disparity and conditions even worse.

    Strange to see such security around a water tower. There would not appear to be anything to steal at a water tower.

  3. It is so sad to read of the problems in Africa! But they do make us realize that in spite of everything going on here in the states these days, at least we haven't gone quite this far --- yet!! Take care, stay safe, Susie!


  4. The need for the type of security has to have an impact on everyone!

  5. hi Susie!
    the security measures around the water tower could be from the apartheid days, when infrastructure projects were targeted by the military wing of the ANC for sabotage - these (easy) targets were often chosen as they would frustrate the government without necessarily causing loss of life.