Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weaver nests at sunset

Admittedly, this photo isn't from Johannesburg, but was taken in the Cederberg Mountains, which we recently drove through on the way back to Joburg. The bird nests you see in silhouette belong to some species of Weaver - a common family of birds in South Africa. In the spring, male weavers put their all into building these nests, with the hope of attracting a mate willing to move in. The females - apparently sticklers for perfection - inspect the precariously dangling nests, and if they find them unsatisfactory, will rip them to shreds. Better luck next time!

My future mother in law is an avid birdwatcher and may be able to weigh in on the particular species. All I know is the ones I've been seeing around Johannesburg are a beautiful shade of yellow...  


  1. Beautiful colors and silhouette here. I'm looking forward to more from this city and around.

  2. Welcome the the Daily Photo community. I have been a fan of your father's site for quite some time.

    One thing you might enjoy is that there is a free feature that you can add that tracks the country of origin of each visitor to your site. You will see it on many of the Daily Photo sites. With a location such as South Africa, I think you will find it of interest to see the diversity of places from which people visit your site.

  3. Lovely capture for the day! I would love to see nests like this, your photo is the next best thing! Marvelous skies and colors as well! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  4. Welcome to CDP Susie- I like your posts so far and look forward to reading more on your Joburg journey

    Chrisssy in Manchester, UK

  5. Great shots! I found your blog via your father's blog.

  6. Welcome to CDP Susie. I remember your wonderful photos on your fathers blog last winter (i believe it was winter). I look forward to learning about this area. Already this photo has introduced us to something new. Great shot!