Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to fix a flat

In South Africa, petrol prices are set by the government, so stations compete on service, rather price. In practice, it means that when you pull in, a uniformed attendant will pump the gas, wash your windscreen, check your oil or tire pressure, or in our case - fix your flat when your fiance runs over this with your new car:

I saw it sticking out of the tire (or 'tyre' to you South Africans...) and immediately pictured the hassle and bill coming our way. Imagine my surprise when we pulled into a standard petrol station, asked the attendant to fix it, and 5 minutes and R30 (around US$3.75) later, off we go!

Here are some of the kind gentlemen who helped us out:


  1. I came over from your dad's blog. Welcome to the excitement of sharing your city with everyone!

  2. Ah I remember those cheery helpful smiles, great story Susie!

  3. What great smiles! And a great story, Susie, they don't usually turn out that well here in the states -- particularly where the price is concerned!! Love your pics! Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. Hard to find great service like that.

  5. At least you get something for your money!