Friday, October 7, 2011

Perspectives on succulents


The other day, my future mother in law took us to the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre. I've been a fairly enthusiastic gardener in the US and the UK, so was eager to learn more about South African plant life. Truthfully, we all agreed the centre was a bit disappointing - we visited in early spring when things were still quite brown and dusty. Unfortunately, not many of the plants were labelled, so tracking them down will be rather tricky once I'm ready to start a garden of my own.

I'm originally from West Hartford, Connecticut where things are typically lush and green (when they're not buried under snow), so I'll admit I don't have a natural love of the succulents that are common here in the higher altitude and drier climate. That said, I do think their geometry is pretty cool, so maybe I can learn to love them?

More from the Margaret Roberts Centre likely to come...


  1. Must be a bit difficult to get used to lack of greenery around!
    Greetings from still very green Poland:)

  2. They do take getting used to but, I bet you learn to love them.

  3. i have lived in Arizona for 30 years and have learned to love the cacti, agave, and succulents. My wife has lived here all her life. Show her a tree covered hillside or mountain, and she will say it is boring because there are no rocky outcroppings showing through.

    Interesting story yesterday about the gas station. When my son visits from Argentina with someone from there, the first time we pull up to a gas station they are surprised to see us get out of the car to pump our own gas.

  4. Yes, they do take some getting accustomed to, but they are lovely in their own way! Great shots! Hope you have a great weekend, Susie!


  5. I think you'll do fine...humans have the ability to adjust to many things, succulents included! :-)

  6. I agree with Jacob! Nice shots.

  7. Hi Susie, came over from Perthdaily. Am enjoying going over your whole blog, as I lived in Johannesburg and George many years ago.
    I love succulents, there is such a huge variety and they are so sculptural, have a look at some of them in my back garden. Sami x