Friday, October 7, 2011

Hail attacks!

Big storms are a common occurrence here in the summer. Sunny, hot days turn overcast by late afternoon, with massive thunder and lightning close behind. The other day I experienced my first Joburg storm, with an added bonus - hail! 

These guys may not have been the biggest hailstones ever, but they still made a racket! 

On another note, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind comments. I'm a bit slow to work out the intricacies of blogging, but I look forward to checking out all the other daily photo blogs in time, and really appreciate your thoughts in the meantime!


  1. Hail in South Africa, it is nice to find out about life happenings so far away.

  2. Those are surely big enough hail stones to be felt if you got caught outside! I've always wanted to visit Africa, so I do so enjoy your posts! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Susie!


  3. Ouch, they would hurt, I imagine! Hi Susie. I've followed your dad's recommendation and popped over for a visit. I will enjoy SA through your eyes I think. And I like the overall look of your blog - great stuff.

  4. Must hurt! Welcome to the CDP family